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we imagine

inspiring youth.

We are a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit who links self-understanding through yogic practices, creative expression through all forms of art and culture, environmental awareness through Earth-based activities and service, and overall community wellness through connection to impact youth around the world. 

We believe we can make our world a better place, especially marginalized communities, by educating our youth on the importance of self-understanding, personal and cultural creative expression, our impact on the environment around us, and ultimately the value of community connection. 


Let's Imagine creating and shaping our world positively, together. Join us as we make our impact on our youth around the world through Let's Imagine Social Humanitarian Projects.

Our Social Humanitarian Projects support nonprofit organizations and professional individuals local to the areas of our projects to help us actively educate and connect youth of all living situations back to their local environment. 

Imagination is
more important than knowledge...
For knowledge is limited,
whereas imagination
embraces the entire world.
— Albert Einstein

Why Yoga, Art & Earth?

Yoga is simply put as training focused concentration while practicing various body positions, mental situations, and breathing techniques. It is being one with one's self and their environment. The yoga we teach to the community's youth is inspired by the exploration of how rejuvinated, relaxed, and attentive one feels after practicing yoga. This creates a self-understanding and environmental awareness which we encourage to explore and practice in our lives as social beings.

Art is simply put as creative expression. We argue that the environments of nature and cultural communities are also forms of art. The art we teach to the community's youth we conduct our social humanitarian projects in is inspired by the historical culture of that community, their local natural environments, and their community at large. We want to give youth a safe and joyous space to explore, express themselves, and learn how to artistically craft their future while walking their path with compassion for Mother Earth. 

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Worldwide fundraisers, events, workshops, conferences, retreats, festivals, and projects.

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We are looking for volunteer Yoga Teachers, Artists of all kinds, Educators of all kinds to support us.

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