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empowering our communities.

At Let's Imagine we work to see our 501(c)3 Nonprofit inspire our worlds impoverished youth and young adults by teaching them the ways they can gain self confidence and remind them to positively impact their future by teaching them to create it themselves. 

We do this by utilizing the ancient philosophy of yoga and link this practice with teaching all forms of creative expressions (art) to invite our fellow human beings to be healthier, happier, and to generate positive change in their lives and in their community through these humanly historical mediums.

Our volunteered professionals in their respected fields service and attend projects including fundraisers, events, workshops, conferences, retreats, and festivals in order to locally and globally expand our organization's connection, education, and impact abroad while consequently tightening the roots that wove us all together at home.

Imagination is
more important than knowledge...
For knowledge is limited,
whereas imagination
embraces the entire world.
— Albert Einstein

Why Yoga and Art?

Let's Imagine has witnessed communities around the world decline in their ability to be aware of their postures, their turbulent minds, and uneasy breathing habits. We believe this has caused disharmony in ourselves and this disharmony has reflected itself in the nature of our culture.

Yoga is an ancient philosophy, a tool of hacking human nature, and a lifestyle practice which re-aligns the human body and mind to practice easy, free flowing, breath awareness techniques. In recent years, yoga has been proved of its power and importance by scientists as a practice which guides individuals who are suffering from daily afflictions to find moments of gratitude and compassion.

When combing an emotionally deep healing practice such as yoga with a practice which promotes self expression and creativity, such as art, Let's Imagine discovered a whole new flavor of wellness. We learned the mediums of art and yoga collectively created feelings of true connection. Our goal is to share this unifying experience with everyone we possibly can...especially those in this world who are not fortunate enough to afford yoga classes and art supplies.

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