Interview with Kenny Sultan Mleka, Founder of BACCA

April 29, 2017

For our next global humanitarian mission project, Let's Imagine plans to partner with BACCA, which stands for Bagamoyo Children Careers Association, a registered non-profit organization in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

I recently enjoyed a phone interview with Kenny, the founder of BACCA, to learn more about this organization and how we can help! Here is a recap of our interview~

First, I asked Kenny to tell us a bit more about his story and how BACCA came to exist.

Kenny Sultan Mleke, born in Mang'ula, grew up in Bagamoyo and lived through rough conditions after his mom and dad split when he was five years old. His father did not want to support the family, so Kenny experienced a very difficult time with his mom and two sisters in his early years. With the help of his uncle, Kenny was fortunate to go to a place called Mlimba for his education. Kenny founded BACCA in August of 2005 with the help of local community members and international donors. The organization was fully registered as an NGO on November 8, 2006. Kenny founded BACCA to pay forward the help he received as a young child and to provide support for underprivileged children in Bagamoyo today.

So, what is the mission behind BACCA and who does BACCA support?

BACCA believes that a child’s future success and advancement in life is greatly influenced by their early educational experience, as those who go to school early develop an interest in education more than those who have not participated in early learning education. In these early years, children learn lifelong skills such as how to get along in groups and work under teacher supervision. In early education, children also receive encouragement to express their feelings and ideas through building, dancing, drawing, playing, singing and speaking. And thus, at the end of their pre-school years, they have become more competent pupils and will be more advanced in some of their abilities, ready to master their new environment in primary and secondary education.  

BACCA is dedicated to helping children develop healthy habits, attitudes and skills to provide readiness for primary school. BACCA has a school located in Bagamoyo that currently supports 50 children in an extremely impoverished village. Prior to BACCA's existence, there were no pre-schools in this village and neighboring areas had only paid pre-schools. BACCA school is a registered pre-school that provides daily education, in accordance to government-mandated curriculum, free of charge to students, as well as a daily meal of porridge.

How can Let's Imagine help?

BACCA is doing their best to support the 50 children that currently go to their preschool. With our help, they can provide an even better experience for these underprivileged children, and also with more support they could offer free education and meals to even more children! Let's Imagine plans to partner with BACCA to support them in at least one of the following ways:

1. Building school wall for security reason for children as motorbikes pass and local people use children toilets.

2. Provide malnourished children breakfast and lunch at school

3. On site, Let's Imagine team and volunteers will teach yoga, guided meditation, and collaborative art projects to the children at BACCA school.

How can you help?

Let's Imagine organizes donation based yoga classes and yoga hikes. Please stay tuned and join us!  We also accept donations via our website, simply check out the donate now link on our website.

Thank you in advance for your love & support. We look forward to helping improve the lives of youth in Tanzania and we couldn't do it without you!