Resolution Solution


The New Year dawns a bright and shimmering beacon of promise of the future. There is a rise in the collective consciousness during this time. We feel so willing to let go of the past and dive into the future, to start something new, to give something up, to set the goal that we are going to become a more radiant, purposeful version of our former selves. Luckily intentions aren’t exclusive to the New Year, we can make intentions, or resolutions, to ourselves in every month, every day, every minute, even every second.

When you are standing on the precipice of the New Year and you look out into the Grand Canyon of possibilities, your resolution may seem a bit overwhelming. Often times when we have a goal in mind, we forget there are intermediary steps between setting the intention and actualizing your goal. It requires focus, determination, and grit. Even a goal that seems easy to achieve, like folding your clothes neatly or not drinking soda, needs a certain level of discipline and consistency before it actually sticks and becomes your new norm. Once you achieve that goal, it’s like an invisible badge of courage that you get to wear at all times. Then you can look back at the movie reel of your life and see all the little victories you accomplished along the way while never losing sight of the final goal.

This past weekend I was babysitting a 6 year old girl. She asked to do a puzzle before bed and I agreed to do a fairly simple, large floor puzzle with her. It wasn’t very hard at all, and since she had done the puzzle before, she was confident in her ability to do it again. After completing that puzzle in no time, she asked to do “just one more.” She proceeded to dump out a puzzle of 350 pieces, with tons of tiny pictures on the pieces, in the shape of a boa constrictor. The pieces were different sizes and shapes, very few resembled your average regular puzzle piece. It was complicated, unfamiliar and overwhelming.

I was ready to give up before we even started, but the little girl pressed on and insisted we at least start the puzzle. So I formulated a plan for how to tackle this task which started by simply flipping over all of the pieces. Then we separated the edges from the rest of the pieces because everyone knows, you always start with the edges. She began expressing her doubt when she saw what a huge undertaking this was. I assured her that we just have to take it in small steps and accomplish one thing at time and before you know it, we’ll be complete. We continued to do the preliminary steps before the construction of the puzzle and then she asked, “How do you get good at doing puzzles?” I told her that it takes patience and focus and that it helps to refer back to the top of the box so you can envision what the end result will look like.  

It is often that we get bombarded with the final product and forget to celebrate the little victories along the way. As my teacher would always say, “Dream as big as you can dream. master the small pieces and connect the dots.” We must take a step back from our goals after we have orchestrated them perfectly in our mind’s eye and find the best way to navigate ourselves in the direction of them. Sometimes life takes us in a direction we didn’t plan and our intention shifts to adapt to the new reality before us. As humans, we have the ability to adapt to our situation or we have the power to choose a different path. If we are still enough and listen, thoughts will bubble up in our minds and we can choose what we pick up and what we put down; we then recognize that we create our own reality.

Our dreams are just like tricky puzzles, unfamiliar, challenging and unique. They require patience and persistence, drive and dedication, to find the delicate balance of envisioning what you want to achieve versus savoring the steps along the way. If we treat every experience and person in our life as pieces of that puzzle, we will see how the course of our lives create the most beautiful masterpiece.


Namaste! My name is Viki DeSalvo. I am bountiful, beautiful and blessed to be sharing my heart with you all. I have been a yoga teacher for adults and children for 7 years and have been writing and journaling for as long as I can remember.

Writing for Let’s Imagine has granted me the opportunity to meld all of my passions and gifts together.  

This is an avenue where I can channel what I know and what I love. I am honored to be a part of this community and to bring the world content on the power of yoga, art and earth based practices for the development of youth. Thank you for reading!

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