Volunteer Bali

Volunteer Overview

Let’s Imagine has partnered with Bali Children Foundation in Lovina, Northern Bali, and hosts yoga camp for between 60-100 students from ages 8-18 every two months. Our camp is five days long Wednesday - Saturday from 4:00 - 6:00 pm and on Sunday from 7:00 - 9:00 am & 4:00 - 6:00 pm.

All of the children attend their formal school classes between 7:30am and 3:00pm, Monday-Saturday, and attend our camp as an extra afternoon activity.

At our camp, we use our Y.A.E. curriculum, a structure that allows for consistency yet also invites our volunteers to be creative in lesson planning and camp activities. Our curriculum aims to create meaningful and sustainable change by providing our students practical skills in how to live a holistic lifestyle with a focus on self-awareness, creative expression, health and the environment. Volunteers will be teaching yoga, meditation, different forms of creative projects and games.

Our program is flexible, depending on outside factors such as school holidays, ceremonies, so it’s important for volunteers to adapt and easily accommodate to these changes. All volunteers will co-teach with at least one other volunteer to work as a team during camp. Flexibility and teamwork between our volunteers is extremely important to exchange ideas of what is generating the best response from students.


Volunteer Orientation

Prior to arriving in Bali, you will schedule an Online Orientation & Training with one of our Co-Directors. We will walk you through our curriculum, our lesson planning format, and we will also provide you useful tools such as games the kids love, creative activities, pranayama, partner yoga and more. This will be a mini kids yoga training for you, as well as an orientation to our program.

From the moment volunteers arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport, they are welcomed into the Let’s Imagine Bali Family. Our Project Director, Wayan, welcomes volunteers with our Welcoming Orientation, which is a follow up of the Video Orientation that will take place prior to your arrival. It is of utmost importance to us that volunteers have an enjoyable experience from day one and so Wayan is there for you to provide a warm welcome amongst the sensory overload that often comes with assimilating to a culture as vibrant as Bali’s.

All volunteer fees cover transport from Ngurah Rai Airport to your homestay accommodation, with the exception of those opting to travel around Bali before their placement. Most volunteers arrive on Monday, allowing for a day to rest and get to know the other volunteers before beginning orientation on Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday, Wayan will show you around Lovina while providing useful tips, such as how to seek medical support, helping you feel more comfortable in your new environment. Most importantly, you’ll be introduced to all the “do’s and dont’s” of Balinese culture, making it easier to adjust to the daily life of your new students.

On Tuesday, orientation shifts focus to understanding the location of camp and the materials you’ll have access to (i.e. yoga mats). You’ll have the time to review your lesson plans with each other and prep anything that you might need for camp.

Our volunteer orientation means that you don’t need to stress about planning your trip to Bali or your first few days there, we are here to assist you!

Our Vision

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Benefits of Volunteering

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Come back soon :-)

By being exposed to new cultural norms, volunteers learn to collaborate and create solutions with different types of people and understanding the impact of team communication. Volunteers learn to quickly adapt to new environments outside of their comfort zone, while remaining respectful to Balinese culture.

It is very easy to holiday in Bali without experiencing anything the island’s local culture has to offer, but by volunteering with Let’s Imagine, you are given the opportunity to share time with local Balinese youth and better understand their culture while experiencing the beauty of an international holiday destination.