Volunteer Bali

About the Program

Literature has shown that yoga can calm, energize and focus the body and mind. Additionally, yoga works on all aspects of a person: physical, mental and emotional, giving the body and mind and sense of balance. A regular yoga practice helps reduce stress and improves concentration, creates calmness and an increased sense of peace and connection to self.

In an effort to share the benefits of a regular yoga practice with underserved youth in Bali, Let’s Imagine has partnered with Bali Children Foundation to host yoga and mindfulness camps in Lovina, Northern Bali, every other month. Volunteers from around the world come to teach our curriculum, which blends yoga, earth-based activities and creative projects.

All of the children attend their formal school classes with Bali Children Foundation between 7:30am and 3:00pm, and attend our camp as an extra afternoon activity.

At yoga camp, students learn body awareness, how to connect to their breath, various meditation techniques such as practicing mantras, mudras and even laughing meditations. Students have fun playing mindfulness games that often encourage them to focus while older students participate in philosophy discussions about the ethical guidelines of yoga. Human connection is a big part of camp and students challenge and support one another when practicing various partner yoga poses. Taking care of our earth is something we are deeply passionate about, and students participate in beach clean ups and have recently repurposed plastic rubbish into functional pots for plants. Students learn to relax, to be still, to let go, to have fun in the present moment and to practice gratitude daily.

Our aim is to create meaningful change by providing youth skills that focus on self-awareness, health and the environment. Volunteers will be teaching the eight limbs of yoga, creative projects, earth-based activities and more.


Program Fee:

$200.00 USD (with accommodation and transportation to Lovina) or

$75.00 USD (without accommodation and transportation to Lovina)

The Let’s Imagine Program encompasses a unique trifecta of combined practices that through research have been proven to have an improved effect on individual wellbeing. 

Our team has created a framework using broad strategies and expertise skill sets that is dynamic and rigorous to the students that we teach and their societal needs. 

Due to this we charge a program fee to cover the training for all volunteers before they participate in the camps. 

What the program fee covers:

  • Online Orientation and Training to be prepared to teach our Y.A.E curriculum

  • Daily transportation to and from yoga camp

  • Onsite Orientation and lunch

  • Assistance planning local adventures

  • Visit to the village where students live (optional)

  • Accommodation for 5 days, 6 nights (optional)

  • Transportation 1 way to Lovina Center (optional)

What the program fee does not cover:

  • Transportation to local excursions (i.e. waterfalls, other nearby places). We can help organize the trip, but volunteers are responsible for paying for their own transportation.

  • Meals. We are more than happy to recommend local cafes, restaurants and the local grocery store, but volunteers will be responsible for their own meals.

Please note: The Program Fee needs to be paid to Let’s Imagine before the online training and induction begins. 


Part I - Online Orientation & Training

Volunteers will schedule an Online Orientation & Training. In this 1-1 session, volunteers will virtually meet with one of our Co-Directors. We will walk you through our curriculum, our lesson plan format, our kids yoga toolkit (games the kids love, yoga poses to be taught in your camp, pranayama, partner yoga etc.). Volunteers will have the opportunity to ask any questions that they might have about the program.

Part II - Local Orientation

From the moment our volunteers arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport, they are welcomed into the Let’s Imagine Bali Family. Our on-site orientation provides a warm welcome to help you adjust to the vibrant Balinese culture and lifestyle that might be very different than your own. It is important to us that as a volunteer, you have an enjoyable experience from day one.

All volunteer fees cover transport from Ngurah Rai Airport to your homestay accommodation. Most volunteers arrive on Monday, allowing for a day to rest and get to know your fellow volunteers before beginning orientation on Tuesday afternoon.


Our Vision

Let’s Imagine has a vision of a world where individuals are inspired to connect with themselves, their communities and the earth.

Through increasing awareness, we will co-create a future where individuals are open to the possibility of finding deep meaning through service to our planet.

Benefits of Volunteering

Every volunteer’s experience and growth is as important to our us as our Bali program itself. We hope that the personal development and lessons learned during your time with us stay with you long after Bali, and ultimately inspire you to empower those in your own communities.



So much gratitude to Let’s Imagine for so graciously creating an opportunity for young people to gain a vocabulary of movement. The cushion of love and trust that we volunteers received was so refreshing and empowering. Thank you for the freedom to receive and give love without limits or bounds.

-Leah Maille, Volunteer, July 2019

I was impressed with the entire program, Wayan and her team is very dedicated and incredibly helpful. The kids were so sweet and genuinely interested in learning. Thank you so very much for organizing and making it happen. It was truly an honor to be apart of such an incredible program.

- Curt Bean, Volunteer, November 2018

I volunteered at the Let's Imagine Yoga camp in June, and was so impressed with the motivation and dedication that Let's Imagine has with their projects. As a volunteer you are not only a contributor, but a leader in crafting a memorable experience for the children. The project was well thought out and organized, but also had plenty of room for improvisation. Let's Imagine plans wonderful opportunities for you to volunteer, but also allows you to brainstorm to assist with the organization. They provide you with the tools to inspire youth in any part of the world.

-Maggy Torres, Volunteer, June 2018

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead