Past Project - Montclair, New Jersey

We are volunteering at Montclair History Center's Children's Farm Camp for Summer 2018

Farm Camp at the Montclair History Center

The Montclair Community Farms, Montclair History Center, and Rutgers Cooperative Extension 4-H partner each year to host a fun, nature and history filled camp for youth to learn about our past, and where our food comes from. For details on camp weeks, age, and cost download our brochure. 

Farm Camp supports youth development by promoting a positive interest in nature, historical living, and agriculture.  Our mission is to provide the best camp experience for youth, while also providing a beneficial learning experience about food, animals, our earth, and its agricultural past. Our campers have the chance to be in the garden each day and participate in activities related to each age level’s theme.

Let's Imagine at Farm Camp 2018

Tuesday, June 26th | Tuesday, August 7th | Tuesday, August 28th

    5 - 9 years old     |                         7 - 11 years old

Co-Director Shannon Reilly and Karma YogArt Teacher Morgan Zelmer will be volunteering at Farm Camp on behalf of Let's Imagine to educate youth on animals, through farm animal yoga, and the earth, through an eco-art project. 

Farm Animal Yoga

During our 30 minute lesson on Farm Animal yoga, we will teach children energizing and relaxing breathing techniques, mock various farm animal all while having fun by being silly and allowing the children's imagination space to soar.

Eco-Art Project

During our 30 minute lesson on Eco-Art, we will engage with the natural environment by collecting local pieces of organic or inorganic debris with a time limit and problem-solving on ways in which we can use these objects to build a collaborative masterpiece. 

Stay tuned in our Archive for updates and pictures of our work!

Interested in volunteering with the Let's Imagine crew? Join us!