Current Project - Happy One Year Anniversary Bali

Photo Cred: Daniela Velasquez Mora

Photo Cred: Daniela Velasquez Mora

Namaste Friends,

This June marks one year since we started our Kids Yoga Program in Lovina, Northern Bali, in collaboration with Bali Children Foundation. This program has brought so much joy to our hearts, each camp is made possible by wonderful, passionate volunteers and equally passionate, fun, excited students.

Let’s Imagine Yoga Camp - Bali Chapter - offers youth from a small underserved village in the North of Bali the unique opportunity to learn body awareness, self-love, meditation, relaxation, compassion for others and our planet and much more. Above all, it offers is a safe, non-judgemental space for students to BE themselves and HAVE FUN!

In honor of our one year anniversary of this special program, we would like to shout out a few special people whom have helped make this project possible!

Our Partner: Bali Children Foundation


Lorena Santacruz

Maggy Torres

Jill Adams

Shaylyn Pergola

Alex Reisser

Julie Bottini

Curt Bean

Jessica Neil

Ai Ustuzi

Xiao Lu

Virginia Grob

Irina Ancevska

Jordana Legall

Annick Magbi

Christof Bauer

Daniela Velasquez-Mora

Marine Lugon-Moulin

Sarah Al-Bashtali

Bali Children Foundation Staff & Translators

Volunteer Program Coordinator

Anggie Wayan Anggriani

Let’s Imagine Co-Directors

Shaylyn Pergola

Malin Loof

Lorena Santacruz

Kimberly Lynn

To everyone who has helped make this program possible, thank you! We look forward to continuing to grow our Let’s Imagine Bali Camp in the years to come!

Interested in Volunteering in Bali? Visit our volunteer page to learn more by clicking here. Can’t travel to Bali right now? Not a problem! You can still contribute to this program and help make it possible by making a donation to our fund today by clicking here. Since our organization is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all charitable contributions are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your support!

Scroll down for some highlights from Bali camp, taken by lovely volunteer Daniela Velasquez Mora.

In Love & Gratitude,


Founder + Co-Director