Future Project - Ambergris Caye, Belize

Hope Haven Belize - Women's and Children's Shelter needs your help.

Who is Hope Haven Belize?

Hope Haven Belize is a women's and children's shelter located in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye in Belize has no orphanage available to the at risk children. The island is host to nearly 25,000 residents, foster care services are desperately needed. This project, Hope Haven, will be the first children's shelter on the island, and we are currently raising funds for completion of the first phase of this project, which is the renovation and construction of the building that was generously donated by San Pedro Lions Club.

43% of Belize’s population lives in poverty. Our people are struggling to make ends meet. Most families are one emergency away from losing their homes or falling into major debt.

Why does Hope Haven need your help?

Hope Haven is working as fast as our funds allow us to, but building a shelter for the country comes at a cost. We are building and operating on donations which will go towards the launch of Hope Haven, the island's first children's shelter. So now is the time to step up. If you've been thinking about donating money, materials, or time, please reach out to us.

Let's help prevent senseless deaths and crime against innocent children in Belize. They are happening all over the island and these children have no where to go for refuge and shelter. They need our help, time is of the essence, and Hope Haven needs you now.

How can you help them?

Pledge to do one or more of the following:

  • Cash Donation
  • Feed a Family Weekly $30
  • Feed a Family Monthly $120
  • Donation for meat $350
  • 100 lb. Sack of Rice $120
  • 100 lb Sack of Beans $150
  • Sack of Flour $87
  • Boxes of Cereal $5- $8
  • 50 lb. Powdered Milk $300

These are a few of Hope Haven's immediate needs. To learn more about what other donations are needed check out their website by clicking here

To donate directly to Hope Haven Belize, click here

What is Let's Imagine doing to help?

Co-Director of Let's Imagine, Shannon Reilly, has been communicating with Hope Haven Belize's volunteer team to organize yoga and art classes for children and mothers at the shelter. 

Let's Imagine will be donating yoga mats, art supplies, as well as working with New Jersey local projects to fundraise for feeding a family in Hope Haven weekly.

Let's Imagine's goal is to donate:

  • 30 yoga mats
  • 35 lb. box of art supplies
  • 2 community kids yoga classes per week for the month of July
  • 2 community adult yoga classes per week for the month of July

Help let's imagine Help Hope Haven Belize!

Let's Imagine cannot do this without the help of our volunteers and sponsors. We need donations of:

  • 30 yoga mats or $125 to purchase yoga mats by June 2018

You can donate to us through our Events or through our Donations


If you are interested in volunteering for this particular project, please email us 

SUBJECT: "Interested in Volunteering for Belize 2018 Project"

TO: SHANNON@letsimagine.org