Future Karma Yoga Retreat - Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica



TBA 2019


Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

Interested in getting away this winter? Adventure with our wonderful Karma Yoga Teachers Kim Abels and Sarah Nicole Eckhard to explore, practice yoga, participate in creative yoga workshops, relax and let go at the beautiful Rancho Mastatal Permaculture Center.

Proceeds from this retreat package go directly toward fundraising Let's Imagine Humanitarian Projects around the world.

Retreat Package Includes:

Transportation to and from SJO Airport

  • No stress. We can order you a ride over!

Room and Daily Meals

  • Relax, Rest, and Restore yourself in the beautiful, naturally open log cabanas.
  • Enjoy learning about the ancient life science, Ayurveda, and share an Ayurvedic meal with fellow karma retreat guests.
  • Experience Permaculture life and living.

Daily Yoga Practice and Yoga Workshops

  • Ayurvedic Meal Workshop
  • Early Morning Walking Meditations
  • AM & PM Yoga Classes Taught by Karma Yoga Teachers of Let's Imagine
  • Experience A Full Moon Ceremony: Th. March 1st 07:52 PM
  • Creative Mala Making Workshop

Tours offered by Rancho Mastatal

 We can generally offer tours any day of the week with enough advance notice.  To make your reservation, please either email us, call us (2200-0920) or stop by the Ranch.  We currently charge $10 per person (with a minimum $40 intake) for an approximately 2-hour tour that includes a detailed look at our facilities, projects and food production systems and permission to visit a beautiful waterfall located 10 minutes from our front gate.  We will do tours for as few as 1, 2 or 3 people but for any tour we must bring in a minimum of $40, therefore the price for 1 person is $40, for 2 people $20 each and for 3 people $15 each.  All tours with 4 or more people cost $10 per person.  We are happy to custom-design tours based on the individual's or group's interest. 
If you do not have the time or resources for a full tour, we do allow visitors to take a self-guided trip around our Main House facilities where they can see many examples of natural building, the kitchen and fermentation room, our two biodigesters, our front gardens and more.


Activities offered in and around Mastatal include rainforest hikes, swimming in pristine forest rivers, soaking in hidden hot springs, wildlife viewing and birdwatching, horseback riding, and more. The area is a paradise for water lovers, as numerous rivers and waterfalls are accessed from the area with the Pacific Ocean only 15 miles to the south (though it takes over an hour to get there in a car). For those more interested in taking it a bit slower, Rancho Mastatal is the perfect place for kicking back, reading a good book and taking in the beautiful surroundings.
Below is a list of activities that you might be interested in participating in during your stay in the area. Guides are either needed or recommended for many of the below activities, and often times only speak Spanish. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to work on your Spanish while helping the local economy.  For some activities, especially the horseback rides, we will need a day or two advance notice so that we can make arrangements with the local community members that we work with. 


La Iguana Chocolate Tour:  Visit La Iguana Chocolate for a fabulous 2-hour tour of this locally owned and operated organic farm and chocolate making facility.  Learn how cacao is harvested, fermented and turned into chocolate.  Eat lots of chocolate goodies at the end of the tour!  


Wear long pants and sturdy shoes and bring lots of water and a snack (when not included in the price of the trip). All horses are locally trained and owned. We need 2 days notice to organize horseback rides. All rides are guided.
"Trapiche" and Río Turbio Waterfall:  ¾ day trip. Ride from Rancho Mastatal to the town of San Miguel and then down an old road past an antique sugar mill ("trapiche") powered by oxen. Then continue through pastures before walking to an enormous waterfall on the Río Turbio. Great swimming opportunities. 
Zapatón Indigenous Reserve:  Ride along our country roads to the small town of Zapatón. On the way, catch great views to the La Cangreja National Park and the Pacific Ocean. This is a great trip for beginners. 


Wear closed shoes or boots and long pants on all hikes. Carry at least 2 liters of water and some snacks, be prepared to get wet and take precautions against the sun. We strongly recommend hiring a guide for these hikes and can arrange one for you.  All durations given are for round-trips. 
La Cangreja National Park to Rancho Mastatal:  5 hours. Hike from La Cangreja National Park to Rancho Mastatal (or vice versa). Experience primary and secondary tropical forests, beautiful rivers, great swimming holes and wildlife. Three stream crossings. Guide necessary. Moderate. 

Rancho Mastatal Circuit:  3 hours. Hike Rancho Mastatal’s 7-kilometer circuit. Mountain views, primary and secondary forests, river, waterfalls, swimming holes and wildlife. Two stream crossings. Moderate. 

Hidden Falls and Big Trees:  Visit primary forest on the Ranch’s land and discover small, hidden waterfalls. Approximately 4-hours with time for discovering. Nice pools for swimming. No path. Walk up river. Wildlife. Guide necessary. Easy to moderate. 

Río Rey Waterfalls:  5 hours. Walk through town and then down an old road before hiking down an extremely steep hillside to the Río Rey. Then walk upstream to some beautiful waterfalls. Nice swimming opportunities along the way. Guide necessary. Moderate to strenuous. 

Cerro Cangreja Summit:  5 hours. Climb to the summit of Cerro Cangreja, the highest point in the area, for wonderful views to the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding countryside. Bring extra water. Guide necessary. Moderate to strenuous. 

Day Workshops

Want to learn more about our sustainability practices? We offer numerous half day workshops for guests and visitors designed to inspired and re-skill you for a more resilient world. Usually running 1.5 to 2 hours, these workshops can often be booked with short notice. We require a two person minimum to run a course. Costs are $25/person and $20/person for five or more participants. Not all workshops are offered all of the time.  Contact us directly for more information on which workshops we're currently offering.  Our day workshops include:
Introduction to Permaculture Principles
Experience the principles of permaculture in action! From starting small to accelerating succession to energy efficient planning we will explore the practical application of these principles around our site.

Learn more about Health & Safety at Rancho Mastatal here


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