Past Project - Bacoor Cavite, Philippines


November 2015


Bacoor Cavite, Philippines

In November of 2015, Let's Imagine took on its' first humanitarian project, teaching yoga and art to over 100 students at a local school in Bacoor Cavite, Philippines.

This project was organized and led by Let's Imagine's founder, Kimber, along with Karma Yoga Ambassador, Matt.  Matt and Kim taught daily yoga classes and art lessons at Bristle Oak Academe.

This project was funded by generous donations through karma yoga classes and directly to our website. With the funds raised,  50 yoga mats and a box filled with art supplies were donated to Bristle Oak Academe.

The students that Matt and Kim had the pleasure of meeting on this very first project loved doing yoga and art every day, so much that Kim wished she had more yoga mats (she was initially told that there would be 50 kids, not over 100)! However, seeing their smiling faces each day was what really mattered.

At the end of this project in the Philippines, students were asked how practicing yoga and doing art projects made them feel. Every student interviewed responded with saying things like, I am thankful for art and yoga! I love yoga and art! We are very grateful for their enthusiasm and positive response to our program, which inspired us to keep creating and growing to where we are today.